Bring laughter, heart and your present “being-ness”

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.33.36 AMBring your beaming smile, open heart, and consciously let down the walls you hold up – that are sometimes invisible, even to you. Let your inner child leap out of your body into a state of play. Let your vulnerable self shine – the self that doesn’t need a goal or an achievement to be loved. Let go of needing to prove your worth and just show up – just be. Look into others with a sense of curiosity, and deeply listen to them as if you had all the time in the world and they were the most interesting person you’d ever met. Drink tea and taste the earth – taste the place the leaves came from and feel the ever growing gratitude of that moment. Feel the brisk air on your skin and notice the heat of others who stand next to you. Take a moment every now, sink into your senses and feel the weight of circular thoughts, planning and strategizing float away. Listen to people play the guitar and let their souls sing outward. Participate as if no one was watching and life is a never ending birthday party.

Bring tea, juice and/or other fun non-alcoholic drinks


We’re keeping alcohol out of the life party because frankly – we didn’t need it when we were five, and have you ever seen five-year-olds playing with each other? They are so creative, verbal, silly and unafraid to explore. Let’s be like that.

Fresh juices are also welcome – juice some fresh goodness and arrive with that or head over to one of the health food giants and grab something healthy to share.Bring tea! You probably have a cupboard full of tea you don’t like, never drink or tea that you love and want to share. Bring it!

Bring an electric kettle, teapot, cups & accompaniments 

red 6 cup tea potWe’ll need to the heat water, brew the tea, have somewhere to put the tea and – it’s always more exciting to have half & half, nut milk, agave, honey, sugar – heck, even berries or fresh herbs or ginger in your tea. So bring whatever you have – whether that be some leftover paper cups, a teapot we can use or some sweet substance to make tea even tastier.

Bring vegetarian/vegan appetizers, small bites, fruit or dessert 

The focus is on eating conscientiously – remembering where our food comes from and honoring that. While we all have different associations with the morality and connectedness of eating, at Hippie Hour – we’ll simply refrain from bringing or eating meat.

Feel free to bring fresh bread, cheese, exotic fruit, organic apples, nuts, homemade bites, dips, chips and anything you think people would enjoy.

Bring coloring supplies, yarn, paint, scissors, construction paper 

You don’t have to buy anything – you probably have stuff hidden away – bring any art supplies you have to contribute to a table where people can hang out and play kindergardener-style.

Bring a guitar, ukulele, wooden flute, harmonica or drum

guitar-08Basically, bring any musical instrument you have and feel comfortable bringing – whether you play it or not. Chances are, someone else can and will play it, even if you don’t.

Final thoughts on what to bring

The idea is that everyone who comes to Hippie Hour, also contributes –  how you contribute is up to you – these are just many examples of what you can bring.